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Our Policy


By booking an appointment you agree to the Terms and Conditions specified below: 


Please arrive on time to your appointments, not earlier, not later.

Please send me a message upon arrival, I do not have a waiting room so please wait until your scheduled time.

No additional guests and/or children at this time


I do have 2 dogs - Ollie and Sadie. If you are afraid of animals or have allergies please contact me prior to booking  

Please arrive with:

  • No eye makeup ($5 lash bath charge if needed)

  • Preferably no face makeup or heavy creams

  • Limit caffeine intake prior to arrival 

  • It is recommended that you arrive with freshly washed hair as you will need to avoid water, heat, steam etc. for 24 hours


Deposits are required for ALL appointments 

The deposit for any appointment is $33.90 ($30 + tax) and must be received within 1 hour of booking your appointment. This deposit is non-refundable.

Failure to submit the deposit within 1 hour of booking will result in your appointment being automatically cancelled.

Please double check your appointment summary to ensure you are booking for the correct day/time. 

Your deposit for your scheduled appointment is non-refundable but can be rescheduled once if done so outside of the 48 hour mark. Your deposit can be moved to another day within 30 days of your initial appointment day.

(Note: Once you've received your automated confirmation text, you are within the 48 hour time period and cannot cancel/reschedule without a cancellation fee). 


Reschedule/cancelled appointments within 48 hours - 24 hours = 50% service fee due immediately 

Reschedule/cancelled appointments within 24 hours or less = 100% service fee due immediately 

No show on the day of your appointment = you will not be re-booked without paying your missed service in full and your following appointment must be paid at time of booking

A confirmation text/email will be sent 48 hours prior to your service.

The text will include:

  • your appointment date/time

  • my address

  • link to this page

Please ensure that you are reading your appointment details correctly and if you need to get in contact me quickly, please reach out via text at 647-618-7833.

Do not reply to the automated messages as they will not be received. 


If you have a concern with the application or outcome of your service please contact me and I will provide additional information and assistance if needed. 

Deposits are non-refundable under all circumstances.


Cash and Interact e-transfer are both accepted however digital payments must be sent prior to beginning the service. 

Tax is applicable to any and all services

Your payment must be paid in full prior to leaving your appointment - no exceptions.


Appointments are scheduled within designated time slots that are reflective on how long the service takes to complete. If you are late to your appointment, there is a reduction in the alluded time for your service - you will still be charged for the full service. 

In certain circumstances if too much time has passed, I may no longer be able to complete the service scheduled and the cancellation policy applies (100% service fee is due for the missed appointment). 

In order to be considered for a refill you must have an absolute minimum of 40% lash extensions remaining.

Refills must also be booked within the 3.5 week mark (25 days maximum) of your previous appt.

Both the above criteria must be met to avoid additional charges or new set.

If you can count the amount of lashes you have remaining, it will be a full set - no exceptions.

Please Note: Foreign fills (a fill on a lashes that were not previously completed by my self) will incur an additional charge of $20.

Refills on top of other work requires more time/product and sometimes correctional work to which the foreign fill charge compensates for.

Touch up appointments: 

  • must be booked within 7 days or your previous fill or full set 

  • should not be used as a substitute for a refill (should still be getting a refill within 3.5 weeks or 25 days from your last full set or refill - NOT from your touch up appointment). 

  • can only be booked once in between refills (you cannot book repeated touch ups one after another as they are not meant as a substitute for regular refills but only serve as a quick top-up).

  • They are not available to be booked online but must be scheduled through me, only.


If you are sick please do not come.

We are in extremely close contact and I take the health of myself, my family, and my clients very seriously. 

If I notice any signs of sickness I will kindly ask you to reschedule as I do not want to compromise the integrity of my business and put myself or my clients in an un-safe environment so please be mindful and respectful of that. 

In return, I strive to be fully transparent with my client regarding my health, if I am not 100% in good health, I will be providing notice and rescheduling as soon as possible. 


Thank you so much for your respect and understanding for all of the above policies I have set in place.

Policies serve as a guideline to ensure clear communication, manage expectations and to create harmonious environment for both you, the client, and for myself, the service provider.

Although this may seem like a long and overly-detailed policy, I believe it provides a framework for a mutual understanding to help maintain a professional and respectful relationship from the time of booking and carried out throughout your service.

By adhering to these policies, we aim to enhance the overall satisfaction of our valued clients while providing a conductive and fair working environment for myself, the service provider. 

Looking forward to seeing you at your upcoming appointment!

- Stefania 

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