Appointments And Booking

Please arrive on time to your appointments, not earlier, not later.

If you are 15+ minutes late to your appointment, reschedule, cancel within 48 hours, or no show on the day of your appointment, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the service booked.

The cancellation fee must be paid prior to scheduling another appointment.

No shows will not be tolerated under any circumstances - you will not be re-booked. 

Deposits are required for all appointments (unless otherwise stated). Your appointment is not secured unless the deposit is received (Your appointment will be held until the end of the day).

Your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable unless otherwise approved by Stefania. 

Please arrive with no eye makeup and preferably no face makeup or heavy creams. This will allow for more lashing time and a more comfortable experience while getting lashed. If you arrive with eye makeup on you will be charged a lash bath fee of $5 for removal.

A confirmation text will be sent 48 hours prior to your service. The text will include your appointment time, my address, and a link to this page. 

I highly recommend pre-booking all appointments especially if evening slots are needed as they are first to be booked. My online booking opens 1 month at a time and typically the following month opens 2 weeks prior to the month starting. 

No refunds will be issued, if you have a concern with the application or outcome of your service please contact me and I will provide additional information and assistance if needed. 


I am currently accepting cash and i do accept Interact e-transfer however the payment must be sent prior to beginning the service. 

The Salon

I work out of my home - please do not bring guests (friends, family, children) unless otherwise approved by me. (Due to COVID-19 I will not be accepting any additional guests other than the client receiving a service). 

If you arrive early, please text me first - I do not have a waiting room.

I do have a small dog named Ollie. If you are afraid of animals please let me know so I can make alternate arrangements. 

Refills vs full Sets 

In order to be considered for a refill you must have a minimum of 40% lash extensions remaining. Ideally for a refill you should have between 50-60% of your lash extensions remaining in order to maintain its fullness. 


Refills will not be accepted over the 3.5 week mark of your full set or previous refill without additional charges or full set price.

Regular maintenance of lash fallout and also the removal and replacement of grown out lashes are absolutely necessary by this point regardless of how well the lash extensions have adhered to the natural lashes. 10-20% of your lash extensions need to be removed due to grow out at each refill appointment therefore the longer the time in between each refill appointment, the greater amount of lashes need to be removed and therefore extra charges may apply.

If you have less then 40% remaining you may be subject to an additional charge or an entire new set, please inform me if this is the case so I can make accommodations to your appointment time to ensure you leave with your lashes looking perfect.

(If you can count the amount of lashes you have remaining, it will be a full set - no exceptions).

COVID-19 Updated Protocol 


Upon entering a temperature check will be taken and screening measures will be reviewed, I will have sanitizer stations throughout my work area, please use when entering, exiting and whenever you feel is necessary. 

Face masks will be mandatory for your appointment and for myself included. If you forget to bring one or do not have one I will have masks available for purchase ($3).

I will not be providing blankets due to increased safety and sanitary measures therefore please prepare accordingly if you tend to get chilly.

If you arrive early you will be expected to wait in your vehicle until your booked appointment time. Please text me upon arrival.

Please notify me if you or anyone you’ve come in contact with has had symptoms and please postpone your appointment if you are sick. If I notice any signs of sickness I will kindly ask you to leave and re-book. At this time, the most extreme caution must be taken and once I am given the okay to re-open, the last thing I would want to do is have to close down again so please be mindful of myself, my family, my clients and my home. 

Thank you so much for your patience, respect and understanding.